Monday, May 7, 2012

Hear's Mitt

I am going to say from the onset that I am a huge supporter of President Obama, mainly because he is my president. Not to mention the fact that he’s brilliant and has done an amazing job in light of what the last president left for him to work with.

I won’t profess that I am apolitical because I am not. You see, everything is political and I have lived long enough to know that!

With that said politics, and often times, are those forces that usually have self motivating interests that’s represented by the evils that lurk amongst us. The basis of that interest is money, which has corrupted or is corrupting our system that has never been fair to the least of thee.

Moreover, it has become even more diabolical in this political season. Money is the most powerful instrument known to man; at least it is in a capitalistic society. Those who have it will do anything to keep it and to get more of it.

This brings me to my thought for today, which is to share with you in his own words that of a man who, in my opinion, wants to eliminate the least of thee. This man they, the republicans, his own, call “Him”. Known for being a serial “flip flopper” changes like a chameleon. If they don’t want “Him” - then why should we?

Watch the video and you decide for yourself if you want “Him” to be your president of these United States. I am going to agree with what the Former NBA Great Charles Barkley said, "Mitt Romney, hey, listen man, we're going to beat you like a drum in November".

And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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