Monday, October 28, 2013

The Day Innocence Died

42 horsemenThis month, November, marks fifty-years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy that feel has never been realistically been solved or maybe I should say has never been honestly reported to the American people as to what really happened that day. The assassination is without question the most unexplained event in American history. Therefore, it could be said, some tales and stories are masked in the myth, while others are simply a collection of lies. This is particularly evident with regard to what we have been told concerning the assassination of President Kennedy.

For those who were too young to witness the event or only know the tale His-Story reports. The assassination of this American President was more surreal and shocking than 911, multiplied by hundreds. With respect to His-Story, we are told that a collection of men produced what became known as the Warren Report that one man was responsible for the murder that day in Dallas Texas.

However, as time has passed conspiracies are a bound, and frankly, one would be hard pressed to find many, if any, who believe the official account; particularly after Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK”. When considering the information released by the government and the movie with an open mind, it does make one wonder if what we were told is truth or a simplistic creation for a more sinister reality.

Over the next thirty days, I will post accounts and information from experts and conspiracy theorists to offer you the opportunity to form a thought provoking perspective of what happened that day when innocence died on November 22, 1963. I am reluctant to call this a celebration or anniversary, rather an examination as we look back at the event. It is not my intent; nor will I try to solve the crime, rather to share several views to consider from Youtube video exposés.

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