Monday, January 13, 2014


winnie 2John T. Wills is currently scheduling speaking opportunities and accepting interviews in preparation of upcoming projects. If you would like to engage an empowering speaker who has a passion for history and is an expert on the African American Diaspora for a future event. I would be honored to accept your request. My philosophy is “I may not be the one to change the world but I can change the mind of the person who will”.
I am a firm believer that “education is the single most important ingredient necessary to neutralize those forces that breed poverty and despair. Of course, we know poverty speaks to economics and despair speaks to the mental condition of the mind. It is commonly expressed that knowledge is power but I say understanding and knowing what to do with knowledge is power.
I have available dates during the month of February for “Black History Month” and would welcome the opportunity to attend or be part of your celebratory – commemorative – event. I have been a professor, and currently an Adjunct, who has been a Keynote Speaker for the Federal Reserve Board and received awards from several business organizations for my work.
I've been referred to as a “Griot” for my communication style and ability to connect with audiences. The meaning of a Griot in the African context is an acknowledgement of knowledge rooted in oral tradition of the African Diaspora. More simply put, a Griot is the keeper of the information, facts, considered a repository of oral traditions, and those stories based in historical significance, which is very different than His-Story that in most cases is misrepresented.
After one of my presentations I received an email for an attendee who said, I “have the ability to extemporize the issues of current events, explain, and pass on historical knowledge.” The message also said, “Mr. Wills your wit can be devastating to what we have been taught about our history though your knowledge of history - formidable. Your storytelling and recounting of history is profound and taught me more than I can express."
Please share this release with your network of friends and interested parties may contact me directly for interviews and/or speaking engagements at

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