Sunday, January 12, 2014

Enemies Of The States

3President Obama’s final term is winding down and the conservative’s continue their mission to render him irrelevant in history. Of course, they will say that it’s not about his complexion; rather they say, he’s a Socialist and has an agenda to ruin America for their children. Yet, the Klan in suits more commonly known as the Tea Party offers a brand of politics that is as draconian as anything we’ve seen in the last hundred years.
Barring another big Democratic wave this November, which most see as unlikely; we will get more of the same in terms of the conservative’s political agenda of “Just Say NO”. Suppose the Republicans regain control of the Senate next year, they will suddenly enjoy the Senate Democrats newly invoked the so-called nuclear opinion. This is the power to block every single appointment or nominee the president may request. Coupled with having the House also working against him; this will be devastating!
Then add another piece to the equation the damage from the Supreme Court. All of this will further dilute, if not destroy, anything progressive the president might put forward to benefit the American people. This group has already ruled that corporations are people; change the limits that allow candidates unlimited resources where they can buy their seats, and they have gutted voting rights – just to name a few horrors they can take credit for.
On Monday, the justices will hear a case that could effectively shut down the president’s power to make recess appointments, potentially cutting off the primary avenue a president has to push back against a Senate that refuses to confirm anyone to key government jobs.
All three entities say they believe in the Constitution that says “We The People”. In fact, the document was created it was only for some people. The question then becomes “what people” do they believe it is for now?  Nevertheless, if you are expecting the Supreme Court to side with President Obama in this case, don’t. To date, every Republican have ruled Obama’s recess appointments as unconstitutional, while every single Democrat have held them valid and there are more Republicans on the Supreme Court than Democrats. So every minority group and all women need to be very afraid of this bunch.
One of my FaceBook friends said this: "If the people’s authority, partly delegated to their government, is turned against the people, the “public trust” is betrayed. Sadly, centuries of monetary, legal and political manipulation have deeply subverted our government, establishing a global power elite who rule at the expense of the majority, transferring wealth upward via interest-bearing-debt, and mindlessly destroying people and the natural world.
The foundation of our government is the “public trust”, which still endows the People with the Sovereign power of the Nation. The beginning of freedom is the realization that your “public trust” is there to serve your Life, not take it. The power of your Life is found in your knowledge and your non-fictional behavior. Freedom is not given, but earned, and it is held by attention to your living Rights. You are free the moment you feel equality and freedom in your heart."
If we are to survive, if only for our children, “We The People” must stand with this president because the next president might be worse than the last president [W]! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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