Sunday, January 26, 2014

Introducing Kathryn Sabir-Beach

2It gives me great pleasure to introduce Kathryn Sabir-Beach, who will be a frequent contributor to Thought Provoking Perspectives. This profound lady of thought will offer writings concerning issues that are of interest to women. Moreover, she is a budding poet and will share some of her poetry. Kathryn is new to the literary world but aspires to one day become an English Professor, as she strives to hone her creative writing skills.
Kathryn is a Honolulu native currently living in the Washington DC Metro area seeking to live a childhood dream to touch the hearts and souls of the world through her passion and literary skills. Her passion has been confined or maybe caged within for far too long and now have expressed a strong desire for it to be free. Kathryn is currently working on her first book with hopes of its release later this year. I am very pleased and take great pleasure in allowing this very special lady the opportunity to offer her expressions through this vehicle.
Through one of our communications with Kathryn she remarked: “I want my passion and devotion for the written word to be the mirror of my mind for all to see.” I was profoundly impressed with that statement and compelled to lend my assistance to a young woman who has the drive and creativity to touch the minds of mankind. I believe the rent for our existence is to be of service to the benefit of others. Therefore, I cordially ask that you welcome my friend as warmly as I have and feel the passion that comes from deep within her soul.
I'll love you until tomorrow,
and since tomorrow will never come,
I'll love you until forever,
until there Is no moon or sun.
We’ll do this together, I promise,
and my promise is no lie.
I would fight the world for you
until our souls may fly.
So breathe in this peace I offer you
feel it in your soul.
Breathe out the pain that's followed you,
before the darkness swallows you whole.
The love I've grown to love is beautifully untold.
It was vowed, mine to have and hold.
There’s no need to fret my dear.
For your love is protected here.
If a smile it may bring,
I would fight the world for you
until all sorrows learn to sing.
Know deeply that I love you.
Trust deeply that I care.
Even when your sun has set
this darkness we will share.
For I'll love you until tomorrow.
And if tomorrow never comes,
you'll be loved until you're forever,
until our souls may fly as one.

Kathryn Sabir-Beach © 2014

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