Friday, January 24, 2014


XIt is often stated the knowledge is power, which could be true. However, it is my opinion that a more factual assessment of that statement is that “Information is Power. Malcolm X use to say, MAKE IT PLAIN! When he would say it he was about to drop some powerful knowledge, which would give you a view that you thought but was afraid to say out load. Let us remember African American history was never told. In fact, it was until sometime in the twentieth century that birth certificates were issued for Negroes.
Truth was and has been always been denied to this cultural group of people. Today we access to information and can find the truth. Therefore, I will say again that “Our story is the Greatest Story Ever Told”. I always pay homage to the ghosts of the greats who paved a might trail for us to walk. I think we have a responsibility to be empowered and to teach our truth to others. I was blessed to have had the privilege to live during the civil rights era to witness groups and individuals fight to end racial segregation and the unequal treatment of African-Americans.
I have added a few of the many significant links to events and about some of the brave and courageous solders in the army that changed America, and dare I say, the world. History unknown and its unlearned lessons are as ominous as death. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…
Events in the Civil Rights Movement
Solders of the Civil Rights Movement

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