Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Right-Wing Zealots

Some may not be aware that we are living in the year of our Lord – 2013. If you listen to the Tea Party and GOP, you might think we or they are living in a time long past - like it a few centuries ago. I would argue that brains can be altered by how they are abused and misused. I am of the opinion that just as sure as things change they remain the same. Most reasonable people would agree, particularly when we look at the “lies” contained in the stories of history. This can well be how we explain the insanity or zealotry that exists within the Grand Ol’ Party.

The evangelical, Tea Party, and conservative fundamentalists are really damaged people. They are lost and lashing out at reality itself. These people have literally been conditioned to fear their own brains through a psychology of racism base on supremacy. Their so-called religious indoctrination has actually destroyed their ability to reason. They have literally taken this alternative reality and fear so far too extreme for even the extreme and it is scary!

"How on earth could they believe (fill-in-the-blank) that global warming is not real, that evolution never happened, that an embryo is a "person," and that the right to carry a gun equals "security" through stand your ground. Many of this ilk continue to believe that President Obama is a socialist, communist, Muslim, the Antichrist, not a Christian or that he is simply the wrong sort of Christian. Moreover, how could they really believe that Cruz or Paul could ever become president!

First of all the backbone of the Republican Party is a group of Zealots masked as the Tea Party. Secondly, the American Evangelicals and conservatives are raised from birth to reject common sense, learning, and progress in favor of their literal interpretation of reality meaning most sane people. Having said that if your base is a group that has been trained to reject truth in favor of faith in a false faith.

They will believe anything because rejection of what "everyone else believes" is a bedrock article of their faith and very identity. Science has rendered a literal interpretation of scripture, be it the Bible, Koran, or whatever. For many religious people this means that they have sought out deeper meanings in a spirituality that depends on a more intuitive sense of meaning and purpose than a mindless attempt to rewrite or interpret a reality based in fear.

The rise of the religious right within religion is designed intentionally to isolate, indoctrinate and "protect" supremacy from challenging rational ideas. Fundamentalist leaders, be they conservatives or Tea Party leaders, do this because actual true information is no longer helpful to the fundamentalist religious cause. So that cause becomes about controlling the minds of the faithful by cutting them off from other opinions.

Having circled the wagons and gone inward, the Republican Party now speak their own language, have their own revisionist culture, and despise the country they dwell in where they will soon become the minority, which is a scary thought. I liken this to the fear of being exiled from the land they claimed as their own.

I am old enough to remember similar group like the Citizens Council, the Klan and a nut named Hitler, who were able to convince enough people to cause unthinkable devastation to millions to which in hindsight we ask "How could so few control so many? Of course, the question is asked after the damage is done! And that's my Thought Provoking Perspective...

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