Friday, July 11, 2014

Thank You

I would like to humbly express my sincerest appreciation to all of my friends and follower of THOUGHT PROVOKING PERSPECTIVES. This is also to include everyone who find my words empowering and to all who share my thoughts with others through their social media platforms.


Thought Provoking Perspectives is designed to be a potent source of empowering knowledge to broaden the information base with those who share my passion for the written word. Let me offer a personal thought: “I firmly believe education is the single most important ingredient necessary to neutralize those forces that breed poverty and despair... You only have a minute. Sixty seconds in it. Didn't choose it, can't refuse it, it’s up to you to use it. It's just a tiny little minute but an eternity in it! You can change the world but first you must change your mind." @JohnTWills

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