Sunday, May 25, 2014

White On White Crime

2The conservatives have labeled crimes that occur in the Black community as “Black on Black Crime”. I am of the belief that crime occur where people live to include crimes such as murder; people kill where they live. I am in no way condoning or sanctioning this behavior in either community.

But what is distinctly different is that the Republicans and the NRA believe the second amendment requires everyone to carry a gun and, if you are white, has the right to use it as they see fit! This, by the way, was not the original intent of the Second Amendment! The fact, when White on White crime takes place it’s never talked about the way it is when Blacks commit crimes.

Let me be clear, I extend my sympathy to those who lost their lives in this horrible tragedy over the weekend. This could well be, as Malcolm said “the chicken coming home to roost”. They propagate “the only good gun is a good guy with a gun”. Truth is - this is the most insane narrative ever uttered. Because you are a person with a gun, this does not make you a good guy at all. Yet, this narrative has gained traction for those who buy guns and use them to take life, which is simply wrong. Remember their one-time hero Zimmerman!

In the United States, a White person is almost six times more likely to be killed by another White person than by a Black person, according to FBI homicide data. In 2011, there were more cases of Whites killing Whites than there were Blacks killing Blacks. However, the mainstream media obsesses over Black on Black violence and rarely mentions the problem of White on White violence.

These statistics has not led to a media outcry about the problem of White on White crime or the unique pathology of the White community. Nor has the White community stood up to demand change in their community like the Black community does when trying to tackle instances of Black on Black crime. When the news media talk about gang-related deaths, they treat it exclusively as a Black problem. However, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, for the period of 1980 to 2008, a majority (53.3 percent) of gang homicides were committed by White offenders, and the majority of gang homicide victims (56.5 percent) were White. When was the last time you’ve seen on the news, discussions about a White-gang problem?

Let us just review some of the mass shootings. There was Columbine, Sandy Hook, movie theaters, and the recent slaughter that occurred this past weekend - get the point. So when the Fox News types talk about the horrors they pretend to care so much about that happens in the black community. Don’t be so shock when the reality hits you in the face. In fact, I can’t recall any incident like this to have occurred in the black community.

According to statistics from the Justice Department, White men are more likely to kill than any other racial group. When it comes to how and why people kill, Black men do, in fact, outnumber Whites in gun-related homicides especially drug-related offenses. However, White men top the list in most all other categories.

Crimes committed by White people are explained as deviations of the individual but have nothing to do with race, but crimes committed by Blacks or Latinos are somehow attributed to race. Gang-bangers from South Chicago has somehow become a symbol that Black men are to be feared, but you don’t get the same fear that one could attach to the brutal murders committed by Neo-Nazi skinheads.

When the Bureau of Justice Statistics collected homicidal rates from 1980 to 2008, they found that compared to Blacks, Whites were more likely to kill children, the elderly, family members, and their significant others. They commit more sex related crimes, gang related crimes, more likely to kill at their place’s of employment and mass shootings.

So, why does the media still perpetuate the lie of Black criminality? Is it because one in 15 Black men are in prison? That may not explain it. The racial biases in the War on Drugs contribute to the high incarceration rates. Studies show that Blacks are no more likely than Whites to use or sell drugs. Blacks actually only make up 14 percent of regular drug users. Yet, Blacks are more likely to be arrested for drug crimes, and receive longer sentences than Whites.

Now, because of the systems sustained policies to keep black people impoverished, and the drugs inserted into the so-called urban communities, and other social ills caused by people of this ilk is one of the reasons for the carnage that occurs. It is a documented fact that when the movie cowboy was president they were caught inserting drugs into the black community. Then the so-call job creators took away all the jobs, sent them overseas or taken them to white communities denying able black citizens the opportunity to be employed. Add to that the wretched education system that segregates and has failed the least of thee. This is a recipe for disaster!

So who is the real menace to society? Or will you continue to believe the hype that gun-toting gangster rappers and black men are the evil? If so, why can’t we blame a White man with a pistol being used to symbolize Second Amendment rights? Oh yes, I cannot leave out the most dangerous crime: White Collar Crime!  And that’s my thought provoking perspective…
What say you?

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