Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The End Is Near

traThe George Zimmerman murder trial has put race front and center in the American conversation. The opinions of guilt or innocence are split right down the middle alone racial lines. Those of the other hue feel the assassin, in my view, is innocent and had every right to shot the young black man – dare I say, just because he was black; even though the young man was doing nothing wrong. On the other hand African Americans and parents or should I say sane people see it as crime as an outrageous act of a monster.

The question, if you believe in the justice system to be fair and just, will be answered in a few days as the case nears a close. This case reminds me of the attitudes of many during the OJ Simpson trial, the Rodney King atrocity, or I could compare this to the immoral actions of the monsters that killed Emmitt Till.

In Till’s day, a black person’s “place” was in the field or in the back of the bus. If a black man was found “out of his place,” he could be jailed or lynched. In Martin’s day — in our day — a black person’s “place” is in the ghetto. If he is found “out of his place,” he may be treated with suspicion, frisked, arrested — or worse.

When you look at the killing Trayvon Martin and all the lies that has been exposed I am fearful of what may happen next. After the Emmitt Till murder the Civil Rights Movement was launched. The OJ case showed us in many ways how justice can be served with enough money. Then we saw Rodney King on video beaten nearly to death by the so-called authorities and the thugs were found innocent, which by the way often happens to blacks at the hands of the law.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the scales of justice is unbalanced. African American’s know when it comes to justice – “it’s just us”. Because we are most often not the recipients of anything fair or just. In fact, it has been that way since people of African descent were called colored and Negros, whereas this is no secret as it is recorded even in His-story.

I remember the results of each of the mentioned situations. I can particularly remember Simi Valley’s outcome and the horror that followed. I hope, if the murderer, who bragged that killing an innocent black child was God’s will, gets the verdict he deserves. If not, we could well see a devastating outcome that America may not be prepared for, in that the violence would be unprecedented.

I, for one, pray for peace and ask that the outcome also be God’s will. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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