Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Conversation On Race

th (10)I have thought long and hard about writing this post about the mythical idea of having a conversation about race as our president suggests. I can start and finish the conversation in one sentence. “Go to church on Sunday, look around as you worship, and you will realize that it is the most segregated hour and place in America.” How can you have a conversation with people who have you believing that the Savor looks like them!

I take issue with those from the right and those of the other hue who paint every African American as a thug, baby momma, or worst. Let me remind you that there were people during slavery who saw all Negroes as slaves: freeman or not - a view based on skin color. In more recent times, there were also people of that ilk when asked about the March on Washington said in overwhelming numbers that “Martin Luther Coon”, as they referred to him, was stirring up trouble because there was no problem with race. When in fact, Negroes could not use the same toilet or drink out of the same water fountain.

If every living soul can see that racism exists in our culture, particularly toward black men; yet from the beginning of the nation, by law, and laws decided by the Supreme Court expressed such as truth. How in God’s name can there be a conversation? I would compare them to those Whites who chose to die rather than admit that slavery was wrong and should end. Bill O, Sean H and those of the Fox News crowd who has ginned-up like minded people with the view that “there is nothing to see her”. Oh, let’s not forget the Drugster who has said he wants to refer to African Americans as “Niggers”.

Let’s be honest, the subject of race has been with us and against “us” from the day they wrote the Constitution. It was always intended that “Coloreds” be a nation of people living in a nation without a nationality. This is about “privilege” for those who have been the majority and know that it is threatened. As the country continues to evolve it is predicted that as soon as the next generation that privilege may soon end, which is why the Voting Rights was gutted.

I can go on and on about the historical facts that are clear and present. They called it the building of a nation. We call it building a nation on our backs and through slavery meant we got nothing as a result. Just look at the Zimmerman verdict, it should show all of us that “racism is here” and if the last four-hundred year is any evidence of progress – the so-called conversation will be like striking a match in a windstorm.

Finally, let me just give my opinion on the latest shameful jury person “B29” who spoke out concerning her part in the Zimmerman trial verdict. Mandy you have no right to put yourself in the shoes of Trayvon’s mother because you have not lost a child. I hope for your actions or inaction - “You never have another good night sleep for the rest of your life”. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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