Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Thought for Women

th (10)There is enormous outcry for the murder of Trayvon Martin and rightfully so, but I want to speak to all the women and mothers. You are the givers of life. It is you who birth and nurture life though a maternal bond that is unbreakable. So the Zimmerman verdict, in my view, was one rendered from a completely immoral place and just plain wrong. My thought is how do you see your place in life; in light of the decision if it was your child or family.

The conservative agenda is simply a war on you. The death of a child is a loss from within your soul that can never be replaced. The conservatives want to control your right to make decisions with respect to your health. Women, in many cases, make less money for doing the same work even when you are often times the head of the home having to support children alone.  More importantly, the life you gave to the world could be taken away from you horrifically in an instant.

I am part of a horrible fraternity of people who have buried a child. As a father, I will tell you, it is the worst thing you can experience in life. Try to imagine for a moment that one of the children you carried for nine months in your womb was needlessly taken by someone just because they wanted too and felt no remorse - understand that death is final!

Lest then take a historical look at women throughout America history. You were viewed by white men much in the same way as a slave at the signing of the Constitution – you were given no rights nor mentioned in the founding of this nation. After the Civil War slave were supposed to have been given their freedom – not you! It took until 1920 for the system to even allow you to vote. Today, in spite of law, it is viewed that you have no right to decide or make decisions concerning you reproductive rights or healthcare.

With that said, women are viewed as second class citizens or dare I say a slave to the wishes of conservatives and those who control the system. If you are black you possess a double dose of bigotry from the system; meaning you are a woman and black. I suggest that you look very closely at Sabrina Martin and feel her pain, look into her face and see the pain of her loss. “It could well be you and the child that you birthed who could have been Trayvon!

Stand-up – Standup for right and for life, and I will say well done my good and faithful servants. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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