Saturday, September 7, 2013

Drum Beat Of War


th0There was a song during the Vietnam War that asked the question; War what is it good for? And the answer is "NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING"! 

It is like dancing with the dancing with the devil. We know politics is a dirty business; full of unreasonable positions that usually only benefit the people who have the most to gain. Let’s be clear about that - it is not the troops or the soldiers who do the dirty work.  

I am of the opinion that if you follow the money what you will find are people in suits out of harm’s way that are the people who start wars. War is about one thing - killing people. The money industry gets from the armaments and munitions needed to facilitate that death and destruction are the only benefactors. The problem is most American's have never actually seen war nor the blood and guts or the atrocities resulting from war.

The children of the rich and powerful don’t die - they profit. Of course and for sure, there are bad people all over the world, as well as here at home. I am not saying that in Syria the crimes are not horrendous. What I am saying is that America likewise has dire concerns that need addressing; such as Camden, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and others with many of our own people in distress.

The outcomes of the Arab Spring and the Middle East problems are daunting. Everyone would agree but we have tried to step in with huge and catastrophic costs in both blood and treasure. We spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan with many US soldiers dead and wounded with no appreciable results that has benefited the American taxpayer who foots the bill. I would argue that in those places where we have interfered there problems are worst today than when we tried to help.

I was sent and served in Vietnam forty years ago under the guise of protecting the American interest and to defeat communism. Of course, we know how that turned out. We lost, industry won, and people suffered. In my lifetime America went into Bosnia, attacked Libya and Granada; been at two wars for the last ten years, in Iraq and Afghanistan and sent troops all over the world acting like we own the world.

It seems like standard operating procedure for America to be in a conflict constantly. Every president in my lifetime with the exception of one has started or been involved in some sort military action or conflict. One could conclude that the price for being elected is to reward the industrial military complex because they are the only winners.

It is time that rational minds, those who would die and their parents, to say STUDY WAR NO MORE!!! Just imagine how much better off “We the People” would be today if we had not spent trillions on the wars of the last decade. And that’s my thought provoking perspectives…


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