Friday, September 20, 2013

The GOP's End-Game

images (2)There is a saying that “even a fool makes sense sometime” and another says “a clock is right twice a day”. But I have to tell you that the GOP and Tea Party just destroyed both of those cliché’s by ignoring the wishes of the White House, the Senate, and just about every sane person in existence. Today, the House of Representatives passed a stopgap funding bill that will shut down the government unless Democrats agree to defund President Barack Obama's marquee health care law.

Let me go on record and say the chances of the Senate passing the Bill or the president signing it is far less than “slim to none” and both slim and none are nowhere to be found. Don’t they remember what happened to Newt when his gang tried this a while back when it had dire consequences for them? The may well be a blessing in disguise for the voters and the American people because maybe now everyone will see them for who they are and be the end to this ilk.

Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee said with a straight face that "It simply keeps the lights on in our government." Rogers, whose committee is effectively short-circuited by the three-month stopgap bill, said almost nothing about the Affordable Care Act, but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) made clear that the main point of the measure is to block the health care law.

"This resolution will also protect the working middle class from the devastating effects of Obamacare," said Cantor. "Let's defund this law now, and protect the American people from the economic calamity that we know Obamacare will create." I was wondering if Cantor realized that this vote marked the 42nd time that the House Republican conference has said yes to gutting Obamacare and that the Senate has ignored nearly everything the House has pushed for.

I am going to agree with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) who slammed the bill in a floor speech ahead of the vote, saying that the measure "was designed to shut down the government. It could have no other intent. Its purpose is clear." Pelosi added that "It is a wolf in wolf's clothing."

I know and understand that politics is a dirty business but the things the GOP is doing or are trying to do is “lowdown and dirty”. Frankly, with the draconian cuts to social programs and their constant obstructions - they make the “Wicked Witch of the West” look like a princess. Moreover, this has nothing to do with the American people but everything to do with the skin color of the leader of the free world and his support of the American people. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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