Friday, June 28, 2013

Unfairly Treated Rachel Jeantel

Rachel JeantelThis post serves one purpose, which is to say SHAME on those who have been so cruel to the nineteen year-old young woman who was thrust into a world-wide media circus.

She is not a Hollywood actress, obviously has language, cultural and educational barriers. The disrespect many have demonstrated on social media reached an unbelievable low. I have about sixty thousand social media connects and most have discussed me. We expect this behavior from those of the other hue and racists but I am shocked that it has come from the African American community.

This woman did not ask to be the last person to hear the voice of her young friend who was brutally murder by, in my view, a monster. She is not well versed in the arena of a courtroom. I am sure many of you know the emotional impact of a death; have had a family member or friend to die, which should allow you to understand the emotional trauma of such an event. You should be ashamed of your comments about how this young lady looked; as if she not one of God’s children.

I think she held her own and stood her ground under very difficult circumstances. Understand that she was there as a witness to her friends murder. I, for one, found her testimony creditable. I will not go on and on about this but to say I am proud of this young woman for having the courage to come forth with the truth as she understood it to be.

I am particularly ashamed of the African American community who wore those hoodies professing their support for the murdered of Trayvon Martin, particularly black women, who claims to be strong black women. Your disrespect of this sister is reprehensible. Those who are guilty know who you are and should be ashamed!

I say to you, all of you, put yourself in her place and for those who say God or Jesus in every sentence. He or she who is without sin cast the first stone. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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