Friday, September 14, 2012

Ball of Confusion

I watch the Republican’s and those running for office in the upcoming election season an view them as a revived edition of the Citizens Counsel of a day I thought had long past. Their convention was as poor as any that I have ever seen. If I can use the words of James Brown, they were “talking loud and saying nothing”. 

What struck me most was the lack of diversity. I counted over the three day convention in Tampa a total of 104 black people in attendance and that is including some counted more than once. This speaks volumes!

As I witness this disaster I liked it to the days of Richard Nixon and when you couple that association with Bain Capital all I could hear from Mitt was “I am not a crook”. The candidate is sometimes called the “Tin Man”; you know the character from the Wizard of Oz who had no heart. Both of these comparisons are very appropriate with the Republican candidate and for that matter the Republicans who live into their land of “Oz”.

Those who want to go back to this mythical time of the past are very confused in that it was not such a good period of time for most, particularly, African Americans. I will borrow some words from a hit song of the sixties Ball of Confusion; “Segregation, determination, demonstration, Integration, aggravation, Humiliation”. So where is obligation to our nation?

As I though more about the words of that song I recalled these words: An eye for an eye. “A tooth for a tooth. Vote for me, and I'll set you free.” Am I the only one who heard a dog whistle - “keep America American” and we know what that means! Coupled with their constant theme “take our country back” tells us that we will not be set free but rather enslaved sort of like what was do during Reconstruction. And we know how that turned out! So the band plays the same old tune.
Eve of destruction, tax deduction
City inspectors, bill collectors
Mod clothes in demand,
Population out of hand
Suicide, too many bills, hippies movin'
To the hills
People all over the world, are shoutin'
End the war

Air pollution, revolution, gun control,
Sound of soul
Shootin' rockets to the moon
Kids growin' up too soon
Politicians say more taxes will
Solve everything
And the band played on…
So round 'n' round 'n' round we go where the world's headed, nobody knows. The Republicans are singing the same old tune – “take from the need and give to the greedy”. So to Mitt and the gang I see your platform is Just a Ball of Confusion. Oh yea, that's what the world is today. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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