Saturday, September 22, 2012


Every now and again someone shares with me powerful words that I am compelled to pass on share with the world. A politically minded friend wrote this commentary to which I was so impressed that I should call her the Minister of Explaining Sh*t.This is very clear assessment of where we are today – “politically”.  

Thank you Earlene Williams Hancock for this powerfully correct commentary.
~ no pictures, no graphics...just straight talk. “In revenge, as in life, every action has an equal and opposite reaction…”. Two Democratic groups played a part in creating the CHAOS we're experiencing now: (1) Those who couldn't be bothered voting in 2010...and (2) The "intelligensia" bka/Progressives (some not all) who wanted to teach Barack a lesson because, as petulant children, they didn't get their "single payer"...-:( Be great if those people could look at the BIG picture ~ at least we have something! ...30 Million people including children are now covered under "Obamacare".

By staying away from the polls in 2010, guess what happened? • Teabaggers slipped into the House (63 damn seats!) • GOTP Governors were elected • State Legislatures turned RED! • ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) unleashed VOTER SUPPRESSION LAWS, as well as Stand Your Ground legislation! [Don't get me started about Trayvon!!!] • John Boehner became Speaker of the House and Eric Cantor, majority leader in the House!-:( • Republicans hatched their plan to OBSTRUCT every single bill that the President put forward...especially the AMERICAN JOBS BILL • For the first time in history, this country's credit rating was reduced because Boehner & The 'Baggers are willing to let this country get close to falling off the cliff...again • The Supreme Court upheld CITIZENS UNITED...allowing corporations to pour in millions of dollars to buy elections • Unions have been attacked • Women have been attacked • Social Security & Medicare are being attacked! ..... Our way of life is under attack!!!

Barack needs a Congress he can work with. Let's pick up 25 BLUE seats in the House and insure the Senate 60 filibuster-proof BLUE seats! There is no excuse in not voting in 2010...all politics is local and had you shown up, we wouldn't be going through this sh*t right now...nor subjected to the likes of Willard Mitt Romney...who's let you know how insignificant we are.

Do whatever you've got to do ~ get your paperwork together ---► go get your photo ID, if required ... and let NOTHING keep you from voting November 6th! LET'S GO ALL BLUE!!! GOBAMA / GODEMS!!! ..... or live to regret it! Let's get it together and...V ♦ O ♦ T ♦ E !!! ~ while we still can...
VOTE on November 6th like your life depended on it because it does! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective...
“Just a Season”
 Legacy – A New Season

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