Sunday, August 12, 2012

WNL Virtual Blog Tours

I am proud to invite and share with the great news about WNL Virtual Blog Tours. WNL is a place that loves helping author’s promote their books. Over the years they’ve built great relationships with media, bloggers, and literary people who love books. They will help you connect with your audience through radio interviews, guest blogging, and book reviews.

WNL offers virtual event packages to meet your needs. WNL ONLY coordinate blog tours for authors, both fiction and nonfiction. 

FICTION: Our niche is the Christian or Inspirational Fiction market, but we are open to other genres since we work with a wide range of bloggers. WNL prefers to ONLY promote books that are considered “clean” fiction (PG-13).

NONFICTION: Nonfiction authors must have a solid platform.


Attn: Because I want this website and its authors to be taken seriously, I must make sure that the novels that come though WNL are edited and they are a novel I would be proud to put my website’s name behind. Therefore, I or one of my reviewers must read your novel before I agree to accept your novel for a blog tour. The ones I most prefer to promote are Christian Romance, YA, Children, Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction.  

WNL is now accepting paperbacks, e-books and PDF for review.

We will not accept any book that has profanity, erotic poetry or any book that goes against our morals and values.

The Book Tree Radio Show Returns September 5th!

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