Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Eye of Newt - Wide Shut

Richard Cohen wrote a great piece in the “Post” where he summed up Newt Gingrich as follows: “There is more than a little Richard Nixon in Gingrich — the same lack of place, the same keen intellect, the same petty fights and imaginary enemies, the same hallucinatory grievances, the same willingness to lie, exaggerate and smear. On a given day, Newt Gingrich could be a brilliant president. On any night, he could be a monster.” Having lived during the era of “Trick Dick” I think this is a fair description. By the way, Mr. Cohen also called Newt “the Pinocchio candidate” – again I agree.

As we approach and the 2012 election near, we can be certain that there will be lies, more lies, and damn lies. It’s not like we don’t know Newt. He’s been around for decades with the same self-serving hypocrisy. So we should know his character and completely reject his new bid for the spotlight. I watched him on a Sunday morning talk- show and true to form like his comrades anything Obama is for they are against. The fact that they were for a policy before Obama announces his support makes no difference.

Newt was for going after Gaddafi until Obama went after Gaddafi. Romney was for the same health care plan that Obama signed, until Obama was for it. This trait is not exclusive to the male candidates vying for Obama’s spot; the potential women pretenders share this overriding trait as well. The unifying theme in their message is consistent with anyone who opposes them as a Socialist/Communist/Nazi/Terrorist who wants to destroy America.

Let’s not even forget the tried and true "Southern Strategy", which is nothing more than bigotry disguised in what he calls conservative values. Just this week, he called Mr. Obama the “Welfare President” and referred to him as Motown. He’s talked about his mother and derided the black father from Kenya. What do you think he’s implying? I will be kind and say at best the use of coded language, race baiting, directed at the so-called “Real Americans” is clear. This ugly language of demagoguery is nothing short of bigotry – plain and simple.

I will give him credit for being creative in that he brilliantly explained his moral commitment surrounding the adultery issues. He said, “How passionately I felt about this country” – that is original. This was done at a time when he led the charge to impeach Bill Clinton for his misgivings. It is also said that he left and divorced a wife dying of cancer in the hospital and this is his third wife. I will applaud his sister, if reports are true, she does not support him.

Therefore, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s campaign will destruct as fast as the Donald’s did. Particularly, after throwing his party under the bus on Sunday by assassinating the republican platform, namely Rep. Paul Ryan's draconian budget plan which amounts to social engineering and semi-supporting an individual mandate for health care they call “Obama Care”. Newt has also said he wants Medicare to die on the vine. Now it has come to light that the so-called “fiscal conservative” is being stung by a report that he carried up to $500,000 in debt to the Tiffany jewelry company - and may still be carrying it. This is the death knell for his campaign for sure.

I don’t like to predict the future but I will say with certainly that this guy will NEVER be Commander in Chief. Richard Pryor once famously said “Who do we believe me or you’re lying eyes” or ears in this case as his moral compass leaves a lot to be desired when you consider his documented history. Let the right keep coming with the absurdity of these republican candidates and our president will keep his job. And that is my Thought Provoking Perspective.

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