Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthers: Just like Slavery

I said I would not dignify comments from the realm of the absurd but I could not resist. So, let me first say that I am very disappointed in the most powerful man in the world, a black man, who has had to show his papers like a runaway slave. This simply furthers the image of him held by the extremists who view the president as “the other” or an illegal alien sent to steal America. Did I just step out of the “way back machine” and journeyed back to the 1850’s or did we ever leave?

This ruckus is due in part to the Donald’s latest demand is nothing more than race baiting. The whole birther conversation is disgraceful at best; no I will go further and call it exactly what it is – INSAME. This request, from the Donald and others, by the side show folks demanding to see this distinguished black man’s papers to prove he is an American is more than absurd. Let’s remember that this guy, Trump, who according to him, has a good relationship with “The Blacks” is a huge step back to a disgraceful time long ago. Hmmm. It actually sounds like something a slave master might say - don’t you think. Then to add to the ridiculous, the huckster asked to see the president’s academic records. Shocking!

First, he didn’t believe the president was born and now he doesn’t believe the president went to school. This is something never suggested of the other forty-three presidents, and there have been some bad ones. It seems to me that this is really just because Obama was born to a white woman. Maybe the Donald is saying to those like minded “Real Americans”, i.e. Tea Party and right-wing nuts that it is indeed all about the color of his skin and not the content of his character. Not exactly what Dr. King meant I’m sure.

Let’s face it “The Blacks” see America through a very different prism concerning racism and bigotry as a result of 400 years of persecution. Which they will not admit but it cannot be denied. Frankly, a black man having to show his papers to prove to white people that he is a citizen harkens back to slavery or the black codes imposed back in the day.

Let’s remember the 3/5 rule! Was the Donald and his “Klan” implying or reminding the president of something more ominous? Regardless of the position he holds; he is not viewed as human or not a man as originally stated in the founding documents? I suggest we flip the script and ask Mr. Trump to show us papers for his business dealings. Ok, enough about the “wing-nut”.

Now to you Mr. President: you will be viewed as one of “The Blacks” regardless of what you do. It is their code; one drop of black blood requires it. Like Manifest Destiny which they believe God himself decreed the new world to “The Whites” to which you are not one. So I respectfully as why do you avoid black issues, and there are many, take a stand, we need your help. You have the power to right the wrongs of a system that has imposed the single worst most continuous crime against people of African descent since time began.

Mr. President, I support you. Love your family and what you stand for but when you look in the mirror ask yourself when do you begin to stand for those Americans who are in need who look like you and your family. Lastly, Remember Don Imus? Well let’s do the same thing to the Donald – BOYCOTT!!! As one of the blacks I will, and that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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