Thursday, May 5, 2011

Commander in Chief – Gangsta

I can’t say I have ever agreed with the likes of a Michelle Backmann who has called our great president a gangsta and his administration gangsters. However, after the events involving the most expensive killing of all times; she may have a point. I say this because of the way the president, who I will call the Chief, handle the mission to take out the most wanted man on the planet, which was as cold and calculating as anything I've seen. It could not have been scripted any better if it was a made for TV movie.

Let’s recap: last week the Chief and his family flew to Alabama to spend time and offer comfort to the victims of the tornado devastation. Then, while flying to Florida to watch the final flight of the space shuttle, he issued the order to raid Ben laden’s secret hideout. The next day, he lambasted the Donald at a black tie affair, which by the way, he did very well. All in a day’s work – as cool as can be. Wait, there is more, and this is the gansta part! His team accomplished the mission. They killed the target, they threw Ben laden’s body into a chopper, flew it to a ship somewhere out at sea, and then threw it overboard. WOW!

This was the end result of a ten year manhunt, two wars, more than a million lives lost, countless maimed, injured, and a financial cost in the trillions. Of course, the Chief’s opponents are crediting the last administration, namely “W”, for this dastardly feat, which I suppose is to be expected, as well as national unity lasting maybe a week. I remember being taught in school that as Americans it is one for all, all for one, and not every man for himself as the right tend to believe.

I think the Chief demonstrated that he can be bold at an operational level, even as he remains cautious at a philosophical level. His actions proved that can be a cold, tough hardhearted man when issuing orders as of the president of the United States and anyone who doubted his willingness to project our might need only look to the events in Abbottabad. Frankly, he executed the duties of Commander in Chief with the heart of a stone gangster.

Please don’t misinterpret my thoughts. I feel much sorrow for the thousands who have suffered and been affected by Ben laden’s horrendous deeds, or misdeeds, inflected upon innocent people and their families. Therefore, I will not offer an opinion with respect to the killing – that is a task for someone greater than I. But, what I will ask is “now that we got the boogieman” – NOW WHAT?

What are your thoughts?


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