Saturday, April 16, 2011

Robin the Hood’s

When I was a child, and even today, I loved the fabled story of Robin Hood. You know the legendary English outlaw who gave to the poor what he stole from the rich. What a noble concept? I think my reason for loving the story so much was because I was poor and this could well be your reason too. Certainly, this was central to the story’s appeal.

What I see happening today is the same thing only in reverse when you look at the state of our nation’s political environment. We’ve all heard the saying “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”; a truth so well spoken. However, what is profound about that statement now is that today the thief is getting help from a den of thieves, crooks in high places, and the right-wing. The GOP, who I view as being akin to the Citizen Councils of old, are major culprits in this conspiracy or dare I say crime.

Let’s look at the GOP proposed budget for instance with schemes, smoke, and mirrors that defy the rules of sanity. It decimates the helpless, the poor, the elderly, women, and minorities affecting everyone but the rich. Or maybe I should say it differently by saying “the least of Thee” all the while fighting for dear life to maintain the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest of Thee.

I’m having hard time discerning which is more galling the voodoo economics, which we have seen tried before; remember the trickledown theory upon which GOP plan is built. Or those who try to legitimize it when it’s more like something from Homer Simpson. It sounds to me that the GOP’s 2012 Republican budget proposal is nothing more than an economic suicide pact. Comparing the plan to my Robin Hood colloquial literally all the tax cuts in the plan are directed at the wealthy. Not to mention the fact that this budget will actually increase the deficit over the next ten years.

The estimated cost of giving the wealthiest Americans a multi-trillion dollar welfare package is just about equal to the proposed cuts in food stamps, Medicaid, and other programs targeted at low-income families. In a society where the top 400 families possess more wealth than the bottom 50% seeks to further magnify this vast disparity by scraping crumbs from the poor to subsidize the rich.

We’re being told that the country is about to fall off a cliff. Yet, they’ve forgotten that it was the Republicans who pushed it to the edge of that proverbial cliff. The Banks and Wall Street, not Main Street, have more power than at any time in our history. The right-wing conservatives are complicit and guilty as sin as they help the mighty rob the weak. Their draconian approach in doing so is no longer hidden from view, as it once was, it’s so blatant and transparent that Ray Charles, who is blind and dead, can see it.

They want to privatize Social Security so Wall Street can pillage the money that each of us have paid into an accoount. The big Corp’s and Banks don’t have to pay taxes like the rest of us. For example, Bank of America is said to hold 35% of all the financial banking market and paid less last year than they charge for a single, one, ATM transaction fee. But, when they got in trouble the Republicans robbed us all by giving them, and others, trillions of our dollars from the treasury and of course they blamed Obama.

They have somehow harkened the notion that America should go back to its roots; back to the time of the founding fathers as they tout the Constitution. Well, if memory serves me correctly, these were the original gangsta’s who robbed England playing by one rule –“White Men Only”. Slavery was the law, people of African descent were viewed as not being human, and they extolled profits from the least of thee - slaves. They went so far as to fight and kill each other in a war where 600,000 people died to preserve this amoral institution. Today, they righteously call themselves the “Tea Party”.

So the game is to rob every “hood” (Main Street) and give to the rich (Wall Street) in reverse of the heroic outlaw that robbed the rich and gave to the poor. Listen to the voices. Hear what they are saying or maybe what they are not saying because it is no doubt loud and clear. You, me, nor us don't count; it is all about the haves and unfortunately we are the have not’s. And, if you can’t hear what they are saying – “we are the have not’s” and that is my Thought Provoking Perspective.

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