Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year’s Biggest Losers

2There has been a lot of talk about who had the worst you in 2013. Some say it was Hillary Clinton, others say President Obama, but most seems to think this distinction goes to either, depending on your political point of view, the Republicans or Democrats. For what it’s worth, in my view the real losers were you and I. It was the least of thee! Our government’s political process has failed the people who fund it to work for them.
The people commonly referred to as the middle class has now become what black people have traditionally been in this country. Let say it more clearly, second class citizens or to be more succinct – we’re all N-Words now! You heard it straight from the horse mouth during the presidential campaign when the GOP candidate was caught on video tape saying 47% of the people in this country were unimportant.
There has not been anything done to benefit the least of thee resulting from the political process. Of course, this is not new. For eighty- years during the last administration the gap between rich and poor widened more significantly that at anything since the 1930s. Yet, the persons in charge started two wars that we will probably never finish paying for but they, and their cohorts were paid in full. I only mention this because that is the main reason we are in this predicament today.
It is not the rich who fight the wars nor do they make any appreciable sacrifice to that end. It is the poor! Unemployment has not been adequately addressed while our leaders ended the help that 1.3 million Americans need to survive.  Yet, monies are available to be sent anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice for anything from a fabricated crisis to dropping bombs on countries where we have no business interfering in their affairs.
The children of this nation suffer in nearly every imaginable way be it from hunger or educations. The old, our elders, suffer. The mentally challenged suffer. Benefits for the people who have paid taxes are refused. Food stamps and alike are cut. What kind of country neglects its own in such an amoral manner?
So it is from my vantage point the biggest losers of 2013 was the least of thee and it was caused by government did not work for us. I pray that the year 2014 will produce a regard for “We the People”. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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