Saturday, December 7, 2013

Faces Of Power

America for the first time, since its creation, looks like the America that was promised through the founding documents. We know that America is a melting pot of cultures more pronounced than any other nation on the planet. All one need to do is compare a Democrat’s political rally to one held by the GOP and the comparison is striking. For the first time in American history, we have an African American president and Attorneys General, who the Good Ol’ Boys have had both in their sights.
The Citizens Counsel is hot on their trail because of the many non-scandals they’ve created. They talk about the president’s healthcare policy – repeal, repeal, repeal! They say it kills grandma and that is the best of what they say. These same groups are saying they want to continued support the banks in the area of deregulations. Yet, the Justice Department brought a judgment against CITBANK recently in the billions for wrong doing. Actually, if the president or Mr. Holder says something is red; the others will say blue – just because.
What the Good Ol’ Boys do not seem to realize is that these two men are holding all the cards. Now it is clear that their political moves have failed! This is reason why the president will step in an invoking "executive privilege” and the Senate enacted the Nuclear Option to move forward. They want us to believe that just using the words "executive privilege" as an excuse is about government failures is a loser with the public.
I don’t think this is the case because their arguments in a partisan fashion which is a loser for Republicans to which they assert the Democrats were much worse in their treatment of the Bush and his Justice Department. That is not a reason to aggressively pursue their strategy, let alone shut down the government. No Republican or conservative commentator should even raise it as a defense. The notion that this is partially motivated by politics is very damaging to what little credibility the GOP has left, and the approach is belittling to people who call themselves patriots.
Lest not forget another very serious matter in this situation, and that is the explosive disclosure of national security information one might argue came as a result of the policies most see as overreaching by the government. These are the same Republicans who have produced a side-by-side talking point paper to help explain how differently this matter is being handled than issues that ensnared the Bush White House.
Did I mention that it was these guys who have no sense of right or wrong as was demonstrated by way of invasion and torture. How can they forget that and where were the investigations then? The job description of the Attorney General is supposed to protect the President from legal and political snares, which he has done. So holding him responsible for what they are trying to do is wrong.
I wonder if they remember the Bush Administration and Justice Department. So I say, compared to Bush’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to Mr. Holder is a model of candor. I say this president has done a yeoman’s job of bringing the country back from the brink of unthinkable disaster in both blood and treasure. So I say, it is a case of color. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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