Friday, July 27, 2012

It’s A Family Affair

It’s heartbreaking and sad that we have to witness the very bazaar public spectacle that’s taking place within the Jackson family. I will say from the outset that, I like so many, presumed one of the world’s most famous families was dysfunctional but what we are seeing is far beyond rational - bordering on the bazaar. But, should we be surprised because after all there is a Billion dollars at stake. 
The fight over the King of Pops children and his prosperous estate has turned into a very messy affair, with accusations of mama being kidnapped, auntie being slapped, brothers turning against sisters and cousins rescuing cousins, culminating with Miss Katherine losing custody of Paris, Prince and Blanket, the children the King Of Pop willed her to take care of when he died.

Thankfully, Miss Katherine is safe and back at her home after disappearing almost two weeks, which some have called an escape; she was said to be visiting one of her daughters, Rebbie, in Arizona. According to some reports, she’s was supposedly with Janet, Jermaine and Randy as they say resting following doctor’s orders. Regardless my heart goes out to her as this must be very disturbing and painful.

Frankly, nobody needs to witness an 82-year-old grandmother, who is rich beyond her wildest dreams, being pulled in ever direction by family members for whatever the root cause of the problems. Honestly, every family has problems and is in some sense dysfunctional but this family has been in the public’s eye for fifty year. Surely, they should understand how to better manage their affairs. This is not just embarrassing for them but for all of us.

What this shows me is that they, like much of today’s world, have lost what is so simple, which was a staple in the African American family – respect, particularly for your elders. Make no mistake this whole Jackson valueless family situation is about family. It is also about money; control; and money; it’s about love; and mo’ money; positioning; access; relationships; and not about honoring Michael Jackson’s true last wishes. Make no mistake about it, it’s all about money. Billions of dollars and we know money is the root of all evil.  I like to thank a lady named Denene for the idea to write this and some of her words.

Lastly, because this is such a sad situation I will make this post short. Notice that not a word has been said about Papa Joe. So let me say this, when he was involved and around – there was not such mess. As dysfunctional as the family appears, he seemed to be the one with the strong hand that maintained order. Come home Joe. And that’s my Thought Provoking perspective…

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