Saturday, March 31, 2012

What Would Jesus Say?

I woke up this morning feeling blessed; obviously delighted to see another day. As I poured a coffee, I turned on the news and heard a conservative commentator say “the nation is divided”. This guy made it seem as if feeding the homeless, the lack of healthcare, poverty, the murder of Trayvon and other acts of violence were the reasons for the American civilization’s despair.

He then said that none of this is the governments concern! Yet, he went on to support the war in Afghanistan and spoke of starting more wars by adding that scripture says “there will be wars upon wars”. My sense was that he was saying this was the natural order of things or maybe God’s plan for life. I cannot and will not speak for God, but I do not believe this is what God planned when he created mankind.

As I continued to listen, he went on this diatribe about hate, race baiting, and religion. As you know all of these issues are commonly used by the right-wing nuts to vilify the least of thee. Admittedly, and shamefully, race is and has always be a stain on the soul of America. At that point, I began to ponder his thoughts wondering just what kind of country we would have without a government that mandates laws for civilization to exist.

More disturbing were his thoughts on religion, God, and Jesus; I began to wonder if this guy and those who think like him realize that on any given Sundays between the hours of 9 AM – 1 PM are the most segregated hours in the country. He went on talking about his savior – Jesus – and at that point I asked myself; if he or any of those right-wing zealots ever took the time to wonder what Jesus might think about America’s current state.

I can’t speak to what is in the mind of others except for what they say, and some of the vitriol, gives a good indication as to what’s in their hearts. I, in good conscience, rail against the assassination of Trayvon Martin, the racially charged politically environment, and for sure the tea baggers designed declaration of “taking back there country”.

Maybe understanding that Jesus came from that region of the world where his hue had to be of color could more likely be one of the reasons why he had to be crucified! Just as was the case with the murder of Jesus; there are people who are killing the messenger of truth now.

What I think Jesus would say, as his mission was for the salvation of the least of thee, I think he would say - “Thou shalt not Kill”. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective.

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