Saturday, April 3, 2010

The John T. Wills Chronicles - “Black in America”

A few months ago, during Black History Month, I wrote a series of articles documenting the African American Diaspora covering the ghost of the greats, Jim Crow, segregation and my favorite the “Brownsville Series”. Many replied with comments suggesting that some of my work should be made into a documentary, particularly the “Brownsville Series”. Of course I was honored and grateful for the kind words. Little did I know that someone was admiring my work from afar. I would like to be able to report that an “Angel” reached out to me with an offer to lead me to the promise land rather it was “A Goddess” who called from Beverly Hills extending the hand of fate.

Her voice was clear and excited as she spoke, as if she was “Mosses” holding the tablets written in stone, saying simply “it is your time”. I paused briefly, wondering if my life was about to flash before my eyes. She went on to say that “your words of empowerment and knowledge need to be heard”. As she shared her vision, maybe more like inspiration, she said I have an idea and it’s called the “John T. Wills Chronicles – Black in America”. It was then that she introduced herself, “I am the Celebrity Chick publisher of Kimpire and the Pink Carpet Celebrity Magazines. Would you be interested? I said, slowly Y-E-S.

This angel, affectionately known as Kimberly J. Bowles, went on to say this series was inspired by my enormously popular and empowering blog “Thought Provoking Perspectives”. It speaks an Unspoken Truth defined by you from a biographical perspective that is empowering and therefore needs to be heard by the masses. She went on to say, “John you are an Author, A father, A professor, A Journalist by way of blogging, The Radio show Host of ”Black Empowered Men” and someone who watched the unraveling of the black community from the beginning”.

You make no excuses for your life or for other people’s actions. You simply offer explanations causing people to look at and understand the root cause of the asymptomatic behaviors helping people to understand that there is a conditioning in “certain” communities that are not excuses but explanations as to why these behaviors were never unlearned. The behaviors were past down from generation to generation. As a result, you empower by educating people though truth concerning issues that many blacks STILL face today from untreated wounds of America’s forefathers.

The Pink Carpet Celebrity Magazine will be having multiple political and controversial conversations with me as the magazines “Honoree” throughout the Month of April, to discuss “baffling” topics such as black on black crimes, unwed mothers, the decline in the black family, the shortage of black men, and offer solutions to how “Brown / Black / and Caramel people can come together as a whole to change things for future generations.

I want to personally thank Kimberly and her media empire for this wonderful opportunity. So stay tuned as Pink Carpet Celebrity Magazine present the John T. Wills Chronicles – Black in America “The Beginning”. You will be EMPOWERED!!!

You can read and hear the audio interviews at Pink Carpet Celebrity Magazine

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". . . Thank you for your example of tenderness and discipline in what I know is a story of love, delicately shared with readers in a way that says, this life, though brief, is significant. So hold it in highest regard for "the dash" is our legacy to love ones, indeed to the world, which we are blessed to share, albeit, for Just a Season." Excellent! -- Sistah Joy, Poet, Cable TV Host

"Wills pulls you in from the very first page... Just a Season is a heart-wrenching story about growing up and believing in yourself. I highly recommend this book to young men in high school, trying to find themselves and feeling like they have nowhere to turn." -- Cheryl Hayes, APOOO Book Club

"This is the stuff movies are made of... not since Roots have I read anything that so succinctly chronicles an African American story." One Word phenomenal!!!
Cheryl Vauls, Library Services

"Not since The Color Purple have I read a book that evoked such emotions. John T. Wills possesses the ability to transport the reader directly into the life and struggles of his main characters story. This book actually touched my heart and inspired me to increase the equity in my "dash"! Excellent -- Tonja Covington

"JUST A SEASON is laced with thought-provoking commentary on the Vietnam War, the assassinations of the 1960s, the migration of crack cocaine into inner-city neighborhoods, and a myriad of other ills that have rocked America. This is a very good piece intertwined with several history lessons spanning many decades." -- Dawn Reeves, RAWSISTAZ Book Club

"Just a Season is a work of love, respect and honor... A book filled with the wonder of life, and the pain and growth encountered in living it." Outstanding! -- Ron Watson, Editor, New Book Reviews.Org

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