Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Hypocrisy of Democracy

If you regularly read, or follow, “Thought Provoking Perspectives” you know that I had a Granddaddy that I loved more than life itself. This man was only formally educated for only one year, yet he was brilliant. I recently posted an article called “Granddaddy’s Lessons” where I shared some of his wisdom virally with the world. He used to recite a number of witty sayings as he guided me into manhood, like “even a fool makes sense sometimes”. Rarely have I ever questioned “Pops” wisdom, but after witnessing the behavior or shall I say racism of today’s Conservatives. I have begun to question the logic of his words; particularly after this weekend’s passage of the long awaited, and much needed, Healthcare Bill.

While growing up my grandfather would shield me from the wretchedness that was the evils of racism. However, I was old enough to witness the brutality of peaceful demonstrations by black people on TV in the early sixties begging for equal rights. This is to include things like the aftermath of the church that was bombed killing four little girl, police attacking marchers, trampling them on house back, beating them with clubs, and assaulting them with high pressure water hoses. When I would ask Pops why did they do these things to us? He would say, “These acts were the lawlessness of the law”. I call it the hypocrisy of democracy.

Today, as I recall those dreadful horrors imposed upon us that were known as the “Law of the Land” they seem eerily similar to the atmosphere and mentality of the time we know live. Now that I have matured, I better understand that there is a philosophy that enables racism to exist. What we thought was removed from the consciousness of the American dogma was simply lying dormant. Therefore, in order to understand the current political environment that is affecting and polarizing society, we must ask the question; is what we are seeing conservatism or racism? To answer that let me provide Webster’s definition of both words:

• Conservatism: 1. a : disposition in politics to preserve what is established b : a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change; specifically : such a philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual financial responsibility for personal needs.

• Racism: 1. belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. 2: racial prejudice or discrimination.

Over the past week Congressman John Lewis, who was beaten nearly to death on Bloody Sunday, was assaulted with racial epithets on the steps of the Nation’s Capital, which is the symbol, supposedly, of the freest nation on earth. Bricks were thrown through windows, death threats and other threatening messages have been made to Congressman and Government Officials. The President of the United States continue to receive an unprecedented amount of death threats, insulted with disrespectful caricatures, and now being referred to as the Antichrist. I would say this in the manifestation of a hatred that is pure evil.

There is talk of secession and we remember how well that worked out, it was called the Civil War which had its roots in the concepts that are on display now. As a result of the changing face of America the tea baggers espouse predictions of Armageddon because something, as they see it, has gone terribly wrong with the country – which only means that it is living up to the lie that it has lived mean “a government for the people and by the people”. It amazes me that after witnessing the last decade of GOP rule – where were they then with their cries and protest about the government run a mock.

It doesn’t seem like we are not going backward rather that things are turned upside down. For example, Mr. Lewis who marched for equal rights is now a powerful voice in the process of making laws. On the right, the opposite has occurred in the most disheartening and deplorable aspects as the conservatives want to “take back their country”. But for me, what I find most distasteful is seeing the head of the Republican National Committee, a “Colored Man”, which is like a Klansman under a sheet. This guy takes every opportunity to chime in with those who want to take us back to being second class citizens or maybe lynchings as it was during the time “they” say was so great.

With the constant battle cry of “States Rights”, not to mention, the way the news media covering the Tea Baggers protesting will somehow find the only Negro in the crowd to focus on, when in reality only a few African Americas are participating in this insanity. Just like “Manifest Destiny” was devised to justify one race’s superiority. The Conservatives movement is rooted in the psychology of racism and we know that involves pitting one against the other. Often times using the black face of someone who reminds me of my uncle who name is Tom.

When we protested, peacefully, I might add, they called us un-American. They told us to “love it or leave it” – “go back to Africa”. Let me add that we never threatened the lives of others when blacks begged for civil rights, particularly government officials, which in my opinion is treason. Let us remember that once upon a time people who had the same mentality thought slavery was sanctioned by “God”. These conservatives are not just racist but the real “Axis of evil”. Scripture tells us that the first shall be last and the last shell be first. Isn’t it a blessing that the people who were deprived of their rights are now making things right. Is it right yet, NO, but I can see the mountain top!!!

God Bless America and our President...

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