Saturday, November 14, 2009

My favorite Negro – the Man of Steele

I’m writing this article not from the perspective of disrespect rather from an inquisitive concern, but frankly I am vexed. As you know, from past articles, I delve into the political arena every once in a while and I was compelled to say something about the Republican’s puppet. Although I must admit, I really find it hard to understand or find the words to describe the “Black Face” of the Grand Ol’ Party. So I will use Malcolm’s words and say he has been hoodwinked, bamboozled, or maybe more appropriately stated “run a muck”. How can an “educated” Negro be so out of touch with reality?

Before I add my commentary, let me explain. Last Sunday I was watching “Washington Watch” hosted by Roland Martin whose guest was none other than the man of Steele. Roland asked Chairman Steele to name two issues that “speak to black voters that Republicans have a shot at.” Steele replied, “Education and the economy. Education and jobs. Education and small business.” I was surprised because I thought “finally” this guy was going to reconnect with his identity.

Roland then pointed out that he has long criticized the GOP because “white Republicans have been scared of black folks.” Uh-oh. Well that’s when my man Steele relapsed meaning “foot in mouth disease”. Faced with this loaded statement, surely the first African American chairman (after six ballots) of the overwhelmingly white and increasingly Southern party would use some tact or at least realize he was being viewed by an African American audience – people who looked like him even if he is not one of them.

So, how did Steele defend his party's honor?

“And what if, eh, . . . No, you're absolutely right,” Steele said. “I mean, I've been in the room and they've been scared of me. And I'm like, I'm on your side. You know, so I can imagine going out there and talking to someone like you…” WOW!!!

Let me be perfectly clear, I am all for ANYONE having a hustle. If you can succeed and are trying to accomplish something - GREAT - but this guy is severely challenged with respect to his ideals or identity. Now, he has every right to be as foolish as he wishes and I understand that there have been house Negro’s since they’ve been Negro’s - but Negro Please!!!

As we celebrate the most significant event since the resurrection of our Lord, the first African American President, we also must be subject to this throwback to the days of a Blackface minstrel show. So to the man of Steele, I say I am scared because you are the face of the Grand Ol’ Party.

More and more he reminds me of my uncle whose name is Tom…


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