Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Day Innocence Died – The Gun

There are not many people living today who remember the assignation except those Americans fifty-five or older. The problem then becomes, how much truth does either group really know about the most important case in history. What has been revealed since the official story is cause for a rethinking of the facts provided at the time. Or as one research called it; misinformation feed to the public. During this series leading to the anniversary, for lack of a better word, of the Kennedy assassination, experts have given varying points of view.
After Oswald was arrested the most important piece of evidence had come under intense scrutiny – the weapon. The video’s below are most interesting in that these researches believe the gun of record my not actually be the gun used to kill the president. See for yourself and you decide!
Disclaimer: The information contained in this series is that of the presenters and does not necessarily reflect the views of the author. It is information that is in the public domain provided for the reader to form an opinion. Whereas, it is the author’s position that the most profound sin is a tragedy unremembered and the absence of truth. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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