Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Day Innocence Died – The Autopsy

42 horsemenAll of us have watched CSI and therefore know how important an autopsy is in any death  and is the most significant piece of evidence in a crime. The autopsy of JFK according to experts was, at best, the worst ever recorded. This study of the autopsy photos finds that JFK was shot four times from the right front by at least three different guns none of which were fired from the Sixth Floor School Book Depository. If any one of these bullets occurred as supported by the evidence of the autopsy photos a conspiracy existed.
Some claim that Oswald fired three additional shots one of which struck Connally in the back without hitting JFK thus creating confusion. At least seven bullets were fired November 22, 1963. Expert’s also claim given Oswald’s shooting record and the condition of the Carcano it is clear that Oswald could not have hit anything and was never intended to actually shoot JFK or even hit the car. Oswald was intended as a patsy to divert attention away from the true assassins by blaming Russia or Cuba.
When Kennedy’s body arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital an autopsy was conducted. The autopsy found the four bullet wounds from the right front as described above. The Kennedy family was informed of the findings as was President Johnson and Hover of the FBI but orders for secrecy were given to all others in the interest of national security. After Oswald’s death Dr. Humes burns the original autopsy report and his notes. A multitude of evidence is destroyed, lost, altered and fabricated. Once commenced the cover up cannot fail.
As a side note to what is known, Jackie Kennedy left some secret papers to be opened only after the death of all her children. Perhaps she will tell us what really happened and why. An error in judgment or otherwise can only be corrected by fixing it and in this case by revealing the truth.
Disclaimer: The information contained in this series is that of the presenters and does not necessarily reflect the views of the author. It is information that is in the public domain provided for the reader to form an opinion. Whereas, it is the author’s position that the most profound sin is a tragedy unremembered and the absence of truth. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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