Saturday, April 6, 2013

Confused Saints

thI wrote an article this week titled “Drama In The Church” which had the village smoking. I am grateful however, because of the topic I got a lot of shares on the social media sites driving over one hundred thousand (100,000) hits to that post. Of those visitors to my site some took issue with my words. I can accept critiques, even the threats, and different points of views. After all my words are simply a Thought Provoking Perspective. 

I was moved by one email that reminded me of something Jesus said, “He who is without sin cast the first stone”. I suppose she viewed me as a heathen and another damned me to hell.

The definition of faith is “believing what is unseen to be true”. In my article what was stated is public knowledge, reported by the media, and can been seen as fact. What I talked about was admitted by the sinner and/or has been investigated and addressed by the legal authorities.

When said leader has had sexual relations and a child with a members of the congregation, which he admitted through a televised plea for forgiveness. Or it is alleged by many young boys in another congregation that said leader had sex with them and settled out of court. I think from my religion base that I call “that old time religion” this is reprehensible. Now, I don’t know what GOD IS, I do believe HE IS, but I do know WHAT HE ISN’T.

Suppose it was your son molested or you were the wife dishonored. Would you then view it differently? How can we save ourselves if we expect people such as this to save our souls? The foundation of Jesus' preaching is truth. So I ask; do you believe in GOD or Man?

The “False Prophets or Lost Sheppard’s” I spoke of, leaders of their flocks in the name of GOD, can hardly be adored and not embraced on any level in my opinion. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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