Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mitt the Myth Maker

After winning the New Hampshire primary, Mitt Romney gave us the “Myth of Meritocracy”. This week, Mr. Mitt has given us a new myth - President Obama is a failure. What does he site as evidence for this startling piece of news? The President’s rescue of the American auto industry. Mr. Romney stated emphatically that this decision by President Obama was ill-conceived and serves as a prime example of Barack Obama’s epic fail.

According to Mitt, every American should know that the government loan that helped to keep American car companies afloat will never be paid back. What a waste of money! This indictment would be pretty severe if it had any basis in fact. Of course we know that Mr. Mitt will never allow facts to get in the way of a good story.

The facts are these, Chrysler has already repaid their loan and General Motors (once again the number 1 car company in the world by the way) is paying back their loan on schedule.

So why would Mr. Mitt tell a falsehood in public – a falsehood that can be very easily disproved? He’s just myth making.

LTI Word of the Week - Myth

A person or thing having only an imaginary or unverifiable existence; an unfounded or false notion.

By Jackie Lambert
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