Saturday, November 10, 2012

Smiley and West on the 2012 Election

I am proud of any person regardless of color, but particularly any person of color, who achieves that which has been denied by the system. Most African Americans understand that the election of president Obama is far better than the alternative, without question. I will go on to say that I respect intelligence and possess black pride. I also know we are granted freedom of speech which means you have the right to your opinion.

I am concerned and wonder exactly what point brothers Smiley and West are trying to make or where they are coming from. Most of us know the history of our struggle and getting to this place in time is a monumental achievement. As black people, we know injustice more profoundly than any other culture.
Dr. King spoke and marched to divest poverty. President Johnson declared a War on Poverty nearly fifty years ago and yet there is more poverty than ever before. As intelligent as both men are - they should know it is the product of the mighty. I cannot recall these two expressing such a strong voice in opposition of the last administration, which by the way contributed more to poverty than any other administration in modern times.

So can someone explain why they blame President Obama? I would like to ask what you think of this diatribe. Please comment and give me a Thought Provoking Perspective!

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brahim1327 said...

From what I can understand after listening to this, they blame the president for not paying more attention to the war on poverty. To that I respond he had his hands full trying to get the middle-class some justice. To these gentlemen I say keep on pushing for the poor but don't blame the president. Dr. Cornell West says he's glad that there was not a right-wing takeover, but we end up with a Rockefeller Republican in blackface with Barack Obama.
Dr. Cornell, I use to respect you more than I do now. You could have left that out of this discussion because that was uncalled for. Also I'm getting mixed signals from these gentlemen. On the one hand they state that the majority of poor people are white. On the other hand they want the issue of poverty among people of color to have more visibility and to be addressed by the administration.